Terms of service

  • I accept payment through Paypal invoice, in USD or EUR.
  • Before payment I can make a first sketch and show it to you, but payment must be done before I start working further. For larger pieces, payment can be split as half upfront and half once the piece is finished.
  • I will send regular updates on the piece, so you can request changes. However, once I start coloring, large changes to linework will cost extra.
  • I reserve the right to post any pieces I make on my social media or portfolios. For the piece you receive, you may post it anywhere or modify it as you wish.
  • The listed prices for different pieces are approximate and may differ depending on the piece (complexity of character(s), pose, background etc). I can also do other kinds of pieces on request.
  • My style is pretty varied, so if you like a specific piece I've made, you can ask me to follow the lineart or shading style I used, for example!

What I will draw:

  • anthros, ferals, humans, monsters... any kind of creature
  • characters from media, OCs, pets, real people
  • fresh new character design just for you!
  • SFW and NSFW
  • most kink/fetish

What I won't draw:

  • realistic style
  • super complex backgrounds
  • mecha
  • NSFW of celebrities, or shipping of celebrities
  • NSFW of ferals
  • non-con
  • scat, ageplay, raceplay
  • characters referred to with transphobic slurs
  • any other bigoted stuff

Art examples with reference prices:

Clean sketch with color: 15 USD

Chibi: 15 USD

Icon: 15 USD

Lined, full color, halfbody: 25 USD

(No current examples)

Lined, full color, fullbody: 30 USD

Cleaned reference sheet with two poses, couple extra items and simple background: 50 USD